"Greetings from ELYRIA, OHIO"

Elyria in 1900

Elyria Fire Department

Horse-drawn carriages are still the most reliable form of transportation.
The New Garford Automobile
But the new horseless carriage is coming on strong.  "The Garford" is made by Elyria industrialist Arthur Garford right here in Elyria.  He has invented the first single-headlight car, called "The One-Eye", which sells for $2,750.

Bridges are an important part of the growth of Elyria,
which is located at the junction of East and West branches of the Black River.
New Sandstone Bridge, Lodi Street
Like many of Elyria's early stone bridges, the sandstone for this bridge comes from local quarries.
Old Iron Bridge, 4th Street
This is one of the first bridges over the river at Fourth Street.  But it is not built for automobiles, and will need to be replaced.


The popularity of bicycles reaches a peak around the turn of the century.  The new "Tandem", or two-seater, bicycle is all the rage.  In response, Elyrian Arthur Garford invents the "padded bicycle saddle".  The new seat quickly becomes standard equipment on all bicycles, making a lot of money for Mr. Garford!


At left, the sporty new "Tandem".

Making padded
bicycle saddles by hand.

Trolley Stop Near City Hall

The trolley system is helping Elyria grow by bringing workers and shoppers alike to all parts of downtown Elyria.
The Fateful Trolley

On Memorial Day 1907, the number 123 trolley will slam into the 129.  Six people will lose their lives and ten will be crippled for life.  The Elyria Memorial Hospital is built and named in response to this tragedy.

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR

Mighty steam engines are still used to pull freight and passenger trains.  This engine includes deer antlers tied to the big kerosene headlamp!
New York Central Depot

Soon the tracks through town are elevated to ease car traffic, and the New York Central railroad builds this new depot for its train passengers.

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