"Greetings from ELYRIA, OHIO"

Elyria in 1900
Around The Square

The Monument
The War Between The States is over, but its sad memories were still fresh when Soldier's Monument was built in 1888.
The Ely Park Fountain

Many early Elyrians were born "back East".  They build this elegant Victorian fountain to resemble those in the large cities they left behind.  The water for the fountain is pumped from the Old Red Mill on the Black River - about two city blocks away.


The fountain attracts many

Beebe Hotel

Up Close!
The Beebe Hotel

The Beebe Hotel on Court Street welcomes guests from miles around.  A horse-drawn shuttle runs from the train depot to hotels in town.
The Old Jail

The sinister Old Jail by the Courthouse reminds one and all that crime does not pay.

The Courthouse

The Lorain County Courthouse dominates the south end of the Square.  Its imposing tower and cupola will later be removed. "Cheapside"

The east side of the square provides
shady rest for tired horses.
The Library is at the end of the block.

The Elyria Library

On the north side of the square, the Elyria Library is an important part of town life.  The library and most of its contents were lost in the terrible fire of 1873.  When the Commercial Block was rebuilt, the library returned to its original location on the second and third floors overlooking Broad Street.  Electric lights and a ceiling fan are installed in 1901.

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