"Greetings from ELYRIA, OHIO"

Elyria in 1900

The Old Red Mill

With the Black River winding through town, many mills have sprung up to use the power of the water.  In 1900, there are two grist mills and three lumber mills in daily operation.  This is the Old Red Mill near the East Falls.  Just downriver the ruins of an old axe factory can be seen!

The Garford Manufacturing Company

As demand grows for Mr. Garford's new "Padded Bicycle Saddle", he builds this new factory to increase capacity.
The Garford Automobile Company

Mr. Garford quickly recognizes the growing importance of the horseless carriage.  In his new factory, he builds cars to compete with Henry Ford.  He eventually sells his business to Studebaker.

Broad Street Merchants
Broad Street has become the center of Elyria commerce.
It is lined with shops of all kinds - hardware stores, banks, dry goods,
green grocers, shoe stores and florists.

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