"Greetings from ELYRIA, OHIO"

Elyria in 1900
Elyria Houses

George H. Ely home, West Ave.
Heman Ely's grandson George, one of Elyria's early mayors, builds this collosal mansion on West Avenue in 1894.
Arthur L. Garford home, Washington Ave.

Known as "The Hickories", this sprawling rustic home is built by Elyria's premier industrialist, A.L. Garford.  It will one day serve as home to the Lorain County Historical Society.

William H. Tucker home, East Ave.

Mr. Tucker, a local lawyer, builds this interesting octagonal house.  He is in poor health, and hopes his eight-sided house will provide more sunshine than a four-sided one.
Dr. Karl Reefy home, Third Street

Doctor Reefy's distinctive home includes a castle-like tower and sweeping sandstone porches.  It will later serve as home to Elyria's Public Library.

William A. Ely home, Washington Ave.

William Ely, grandson of Heman Ely, moves into this fine home in 1882 with his new bride.  When she dies suddenly three years later, the grief-stricken William vows that the house will remain exactly as she had left it.
William A. Ely home
(after years of neglect)

As years turn to decades, cobwebs and dust pile up.  Mold slowly destroys the rugs, upholstery, curtains, and wallpaper.  The sad house will finally be taken down over 50 years later.

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