"Greetings from ELYRIA, OHIO"

You have arrived in the year 1950

The 1940's and 50's bring tremendous growth and great prosperity to Elyria.
Downtown Elyria is the center of town life, where people routinely
come for banking, shopping, restaurants, movies, wonderful parks,
and for transportation to Lorain, Cleveland, and beyond.

Broad Street

Broad Street looking east towards Penney's;
Sears & Roebuck is across the street.

The same scene looking west,
towards "Day's Music and Hardware".

The Kiwanis Pool

The huge round pool,
with a "deep end" in the center,
is a great way to cool off!
Cascade Park

In the heart of town,

a year-round playground

for kids of all ages!

Corkscrew Slide

The fabulous double slide
can be seen nearby.
Two black bears are kept in this
cage built under a natural rock overhang.
The Bear's Den

Shhhh... the bears are napping.
The bears are friendly,
but a little smelly.
The Ford

The ford connecting Cascade and Elywood
parks is fun by car or on foot!
The Sledding Hill

The long, double-jump sledding hill
is well worth the climb back up!

Court Street

The Turner Block is home to the
Blue Bird restaurant and other thriving businesses.
Downtown Traffic

Shoppers, commuters, and visitors
jam the bus stops on The Square.

One more stop...    
© Copyright 1999, Ben Mancine