"Greetings from Elyria, Ohio"
 Favorite Elyria Landmarks
Elyria High School - Possibly Elyria's best-loved landmark, the Washington building of EHS has dominated the 600 block of Middle Avenue for well over a hundred years.  In 1900, student enrollment was 274.  Now, with many hundreds in each graduating class, a new high school is planned, and this still-proud building will be used by the school board.
The fountain in Ely Square is the latest of several to have graced this site since 1851.  An earlier version was among the first "electrified" fountains in the country.  Its multi-colored lights actually drew out-of-town visitors.  The many shade trees, benches, picnic tables, and gazebo make Ely Square a picturesque and restful haven in the heart of town.

Loomis Camera - The distinctive and memorable signage for the Loomis Camera shop on Broad Street features an oversize SLR camera.  In the 1970's it was a flash cube camera that actually flashed!
Pink Floyd Rock
Down by the river in Cascade Park lies the mighty Pink Floyd rock, a time-honored piece of graffiti visible (almost) continuously for over 30 years.
Ruins at East Falls - Down by the East Falls, not far from the Police Station, lie the ruins of a short-lived hydroelectric power plant operated in the early 1920's by The Elyria Milling and Power Company.  It provided electricity to parts of downtown Elyria.
Fifth Third Bank
This imposing building at Broad Street and East Avenue was once Elyria's main post office, built near the railroad tracks in 1918.
Mail distribution later switched from rail to trucks, and a new post office was built on East Bridge Street in 1981.  The old post office was saved and renovated by Fifth Third Bank in 2001.

Rocking Chair Guy
The E.H. Roberts Company at the corner of Routes 57 and 254 features this great animated advertisement.  The "Guy in the Rocking Chair" has delighted children in passing cars for years.
The Ford
When the Black River is low, the auto ford connects Elywood and Cascade Parks.  The ford was last renovated in 1982 after several earlier designs were damaged by the river.
West Falls
The majestic falls on the West Branch of the Black River is one of Elyria's greatest treasures, presenting a different mood in every season.  Use the observation deck and bridge in Cascade Park.

View an animation of West Falls in late Winter.

Train Depot
In 1925, the New York Central Railroad built this passenger terminal alongside the newly-elevated tracks.  The once-grand depot features a massive front canopy, elaborately carved sandstone decorations, and a large central skylight.  It is currently being renovated for use as a regional transportation hub.

Town Hall
Elyria's Town Hall, built in 1867, is among the oldest still in use in Ohio.  A fabulous Opera House once filled the upper floor.  Much of this building was saved and is now part of the new Municipal Complex.
Stone Tower
Built in 1879 from sandstone quarried nearby, the original wooden tank stored city water from the Black River.  It is used today by the former Steel and Tubes plant.
Bear Cave
From 1920 to about 1980, the city maintained a cage for brown bears in the "cave" under this rock ledge at Cascade Park, (bottom center of photo).
East Falls
A combination dam and rock cliff produce this beautiful double falls on the East Branch of the Black River, located just down from the Washington Avenue bridge.  Elyria's "Red Mill" once harnessed the power of this falls.  Use the observation decks behind the Police Station.

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